CEC head: Belarus does its best to protect electoral process from external interference


Belarus is doing everything possible to protect the electoral process from external interference, Chairman of the Central Election Commission (CEC) of Belarus Igor Karpenko said in an interview to the STV channel, BelTA has learned.

The work to update the national security concept is underway in Belarus. The updated Election Code has recently came into force. This creates a necessary basis to counter attempts to interfere in our internal affairs during election campaigns.

“I can say that we analyze any electoral campaigns that take place in our country, including the constitutional referendum that took place a year ago, the practice of applying legal norms. Of course, we are adjusting the Electoral Code on the basis of this. The code has been signed by the head of state. It will come into force in the near future. The code has been discussed in detail. We already see certain protection in accordance with the concept that was presented to the head of state,” Igor Karpenko said.

The CEC head clarified that the updated Electoral Code prohibits foreign funding of political parties. “It is banned not only for foreign organizations, but also through foreign embassies and diplomatic missions in Belarus. In addition, any financial assistance to candidates for deputies and presidents from abroad is prohibited. Although the possibility to set up electoral funds has been preserved in the country. Certain steps have been taken in this direction. I do not rule out however that there will be some other steps taken after the adoption of this concept, which will ensure our inalienable sovereign right to independently hold elections in the interests of the Belarusian people,” he added.

Written by belta.by