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Lead project partner – Polotsk District Executive Committee
Project partner – Interakcia Foundation (Minsk)
Period of realization – fall 2015 – winter 2019
Place of realization – Polotsk
Budget – ? 1 630 521, European Union contribution – ? 1 304 417 (90%); Supporting the Eastern Partnership cities in the implementation of Sustainable Energy Action Plans (SEAPs) under the Covenant of Mayors

The project aims to modernize the municipal lighting system of Polotsk in an energy efficient way and therefore to encourage other Belarusian cities to implement similar energy efficient improvements. In the course of the project, 900 modern lamps will be installed in 16 central streets in Polotsk. This should enable 800 tones decrease in the CO2 emissions Polotsk spews annually. Moreover, thanks to the initiative will provide Polotsk with the Public Lighting Development Strategy, which will become a framework for further modernization of municipal lighting system.

"In 2011, Polotsk was the first Belarusian city that joined the Covenant of Mayors and therefore became one of more than 6000 European cities that are aiming to reduce CO2 emissions through cutting energy consumption and by switching to alternative energy resources. Energy efficient city lighting perfectly comports with these principles. This large-scale project should also give Polotsk residents' stimuli to save electricity. Moreover, dozens of Belarusian cities will learn about the project and its results. Therefore, Polotsk will make a significant contribution to the process of sustainable development of Belarus," noted Sergei Leichenko, Deputy Chairman

The Covenant of Mayors is the mainstream European movement involving local and regional authorities, voluntarily committing to reduce CO2 emissions by 20% (or more) by 2020 through green economy and higher standards of life. (There are 9 other Belarusian signatories of the Covenant of Mayors: Braslav, Ivye, Kobrin, Molodechno, Novogrudok, Oshmyany, Pukhovichi, Rogachev and Chausy.)

To realize this aim a new signatory of the Covenant of Mayors must prepare its own Sustainable Energy Action Plan. Polotsk finalized such plan in 2012 thanks to the project SURE, which was also funded by the European Union.

The Polotsk Sustainable Energy Action Plan includes measures to increase energy efficiency of municipal buildings and enterprises, to generate more renewable energy, to widen urban green zones, to streamline the municipal public transportation.

The PubLiCity project should also enable Polotsk to live up to the commitment it made by in accordance with the Covenant of Mayors principles.

The PubLiCity project has the following demensions:

Modernization of the municipal lighting system:

• An initial assessment of the municipal lighting system will concern around 40 city streets, while its results will serve as a basis for measures to improve the lighting system.
• 900 solid-state (SSL) lights (LED, OLED or PLED) will be installed in 16 city streets.
• 200 new light poles will be installed in the city streets.
• The work of the municipal lighting system in 63% of the whole city's territory will be optimized thanks to new 56 automatic light control boxes with GPS administration hardware.
• The project will also improve the decorative lighting of Polotsk and therefore make it a more comfortable and attractive city: 44 Polotsk buildings and monuments will lighted by new LED lamps.

Such improvements should enable Polotsk to reduce energy consumption by 1643 MWh and reach CO2 reduce of 754 tones, compared to the respective levels of 2010. Exact results of the project will be determined during the second (post-project) energy audit.

Preparation of the Public Lighting Development Strategy until 2030:

• This strategy will contain energy efficient measures to improve lighting in 40 Polotsk streets, the conception of decorative lighting for the entire city of Polotsk, as well as a financial strategy for these and other activities pertaining to municipal lighting.

• Specialists from the European Union will participate in the preparation of the strategy, namely experts from the Lighting Urban Community International (LUCI). This is a unique international network bringing together cities and lighting professionals engaged in using light as a major tool for sustainable urban, social and economic development. Among LUCI participants: Gothenburg Municipality, Eindhoven Municipality, Lyon Municipality, and the Dutch company Philips. Thanks to the project, Polotsk will also join the LUCI.

• Polotsk residents, Polotsk public associations and entrepreneurs will also have an opportunity to improve and amend the strategy for development of municipal lighting. They will be able to provide their visions of the city's lighting system at special public debates.

• Furthermore, in the course of the project, two public opinion polls on Polotsk residents' satisfaction with the lighting in the city will conducted.

Dissemination of project results in Belarus

• Overall results of the project will be summarized and then outlined in a case study. More than 500 copies of this case study and practical recommendation on how to streamline municipal lighting systems will be disseminated to Belarusian municipalities.

• 40 specialists from various Belarusian municipalities and municipal services agencies will participate in a study visit to Polotsk.

• Polotsk will host a special forum for Belarusian signatories of the Covenant of Mayors and those cities that are on their way to join the initiative.

More than 50 participants will come to the forum, including representatives of Belarusian environmental NGOs. Polotsk municipality will present its achievements in the implementation of the Polotsk Sustainable Energy Action Plan and in the application of energy efficient approaches to municipal lighting.

Furthermore, at the forum, the city of Polotsk will demonstrate its other sustainable development strategies: the Sustainable Urban Mobility Plan in Polotsk and the Polotsk Local Environmental Action Plan, which also has a program to entice "green" investment.

By supporting "green" initiatives and changing everyday habits, urbanites can determine the level of energy their city consumes. Therefore, the project will introduce Local Energy Days in Polotsk, festivals about energy efficiency in modern cities.

Local Energy Days will feature exhibitions, conferences, study visits and flash mobs about energy saving both at home and in the workplace. These events will be organized for Polotsk residents, representatives of Belarusian municipalities, entrepreneurs, and environmental NGOs. Moreover, a Polotsk TV channel will launch a reality show on energy saving at home.

In addition to Local Energy Days, Polotsk will also host its own festival of light.


• Polotsk District Executive Committee
• Local Foundation for Promotion of International Dialogue and Cooperation Interakcia

The Polotsk Sustainable Energy Group will be coordinating the realization of the project. The Group already has members representing the municipality and the city communal services agencies. In the course of the project, it should expand by attracting representatives of the Vitebsk region authority and representatives of state organizations dealing with energy efficiency issues.


• To help Polotsk to reach its Covenant of Mayors targets by enabling it to implement its Sustainable Energy Action Plan (abbrevations) activities on public lighting.

• To contribute to popularization of Covenant of Mayors and replication of Sustainable Energy Action Plan experience in Belarus and Eastern Partnership.

Realization of these goals entails:

• Modernization of municipal lighting system in Polotsk.
• Decrease in CO2 emissions in the city.
• Promotion of the Covenant of Mayors principles (especially those ones pertaining to municipal lighting) in Belarus.


Marina Borisova (Interakcia Foundation), Project Communication and Visibility Manager (Interakcia Foundation), +375 17 237 48 40, +375 29 873 35 82 (mob.), This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.

Anastasia Adamovich, Head of the Polotsk Sustainable energy Group, +375 215 42 14 96, +375 29 597 15 66 (mob.), This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.