Almost 123,000 deposit accounts opened under Belarus' family capital program


As of 1 February 2023, a total of 122,897 deposit accounts were opened for large families under Belarus' family capital program, including about 82,600 deposit accounts at the total amount of $826 million and 40,300 deposit accounts at the total amount of Br964 million, BelTA learned from the Belarusian Labor and Social Security Ministry.

A total of 67,263 families applied for permission to use family capital ahead of schedule. Of them, 56,373 applied to use the money to improve housing conditions, 6,259 to receive healthcare services, 4,627 to pay for education and four to buy health products for disabled people.

The ministry granted permission to use family capital earlier to 65,088 applicants. Most of such applicants are from Brest Oblast (13,955). Then goes Minsk Oblast with 11,079 families, Gomel Oblast with 10,393, the city of Minsk with 8,949 and Grodno Oblast with 7,783. Mogilev Oblast and Vitebsk Oblast round out the list with 6,559 and 6,370 applicants respectively.

The Labor and Social Security Ministry noted that the family capital program applies to families raising three and more children. From 1 January 2022 the family capital equals Br25,950.

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