Opinion: Belarus citizenship is a great privilege


To be a citizen of Belarus is a great privilege that comes with responsibilities, the political analyst Vadim Borovik told BelTA as he commented on the latest amendments to the Belarus citizenship law.

Vadim Borovik said: “Citizenship of any country grants certain rights to the citizen as well as protection, social and political guarantees, and ensures the citizen's economic interests. Yet at the same time any state places responsibilities on its citizens. It is very important to understand it if you enjoy a number of advantages deriving from the citizenship of a country. And Belarus is a country, which citizenship grants rather serious advantages. It is one of the safest countries in the world. Our population enjoys serious social security benefits. Belarus is classified as a country with a very high index of development of human capital. This is why to be a citizen of Belarus is a great privilege. But in addition to these privileges there are also responsibilities.”

The analyst welcomed the addition of the requirement for citizens to swear an oath of allegiance to the country. He also praised the ability to strip a citizen of citizenship by birth as a punishment for grave crimes. The law now allows stripping individuals staying abroad of their Belarusian citizenship by birth if a court ruling, which confirms the individual has been involved in extremist activities or has caused grave damage to Belarus' interests, has come into effect. “Why is the norm justified? Because a citizenship comes not only with benefits but also with responsibilities to the state, to the society. If a person harms the state, the entire Belarusian nation, then he or she is not part of this family. Not a member of the family of the Belarusian people,” Vadim Borovik stressed. “Ours is a very tolerant, friendly, and peace-loving nation. Despite sanctions we still offer visa-free entry to our neighbors. And I think this norm will sober up a bit those citizens, who have yet to go down the path of treachery and support destructive actions without understanding it properly. And those, who have become traitors, have no place in the family of the Belarusian people.”

Written by belta.by