Lukashenko urges to complete long-delayed construction projects


Belarusian President Aleksandr Lukashenko set the task to complete promptly the long-delayed construction projects as he hosted a meeting on the state of affairs in the construction industry in Minsk on 3 January, BelTA has learned.

"There are new long-delayed construction projects in the country," the head of state said. “Some construction projects stand unfinished. Among them are even residential properties. I think there are as many as 22 residential houses, 19 of them in Minsk. It's a disgrace. We promised people that we would commission a facility or a residential house on time but we did not. There are other unfinished facilities. For this, the responsibility will be tough."

At the moment, the situation with long-term construction in the country leaves much to be desired. "We have not sorted things out on this front," the president emphasized. "If that's not the case, you'll tell me."

Aleksandr Lukashenko urged against repeating the situation of some time ago when tough decisions had to be made to address the situation with long-delayed construction projects.

As another important topic, the president outlined the prospects for the development of the construction industry, especially taking into account the plans to provide housing for military personnel, large families and other categories in a matter of priority.

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