Proposal to extend visa-free entry into Belarus for neighboring countries onto 2023 okayed


Belarus President Aleksandr Lukashenko has backed the proposal of the Council of Ministers and the Ministry of Foreign Affairs on extending the visa-free travel procedure, which applies to Lithuania, Latvia, and Poland, onto 2023, the Belarus president's press service told BelTA.

Belarus waived visas for citizens of Lithuania and Latvia, non-citizens of Latvia as from 15 April 2022 and for citizens of Poland as from 1 July 2022. The current procedure will stay in effect till the end of 2022.

Nearly 370,000 citizens of the European Union have visited Belarus since the visa-free travel option became available. Citizens of Lithuania account for over 70% of the total, citizens of Latvia about 20%, and Poland 10%.

Belarus has decided to extend the visa-free travel procedure to confirm the country's openness, commitment to good neighborhood and to stronger interethnic relations. Citizens of Lithuania, Latvia, and Poland will continue being able to visit Belarus without problems, meet with relatives, visit burial places, get medical services and other services.

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