Lukashenko extends Belarus' Investigative Committee Day greetings


Dear comrades!

I congratulate you on your professional holiday, Investigative Committee Day.

The Investigative Committee of Belarus is the most important institution of the national law enforcement system, which has a significant influence on consolidation of law and order in the country, protection of legal rights of citizens, public and state interests.

Thanks to the daily meticulous work of the well-organized highly professional team the agency successfully fulfils its tasks of investigating crimes, ensuring the principle of inevitability of punishment and restoring justice, which helps maintain peace, consent and stability in our society.

I express my gratitude to the veterans of the investigative agency, whose life journey, experience and patriotism is an example for young employees.

I wish good health, peace, wellbeing to you and your families and every success in service for the benefit of dear Belarus.

Aleksandr Lukashenko

12 September 2022

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