Minsk conference participants to send resolution on stance towards sanctions to EU, ILO, UN

The weakness of the Western opponents of Belarus is expressed in the fact that they do not even have a clear answer to the position of the labor collectives of our country, Deputy Chairman of the Federation of Trade Unions of Belarus (FTUB) Vadim Grachev told the media at the international conference “Impact of Global Economic Challenges on Social and Labor Rights” which is underway in Minsk on 13-14 September, BelTA has learned.

The Federation of Trade Unions of Belarus has been working to counteract the illegal policy of sanctions since December 2020. Over the time, the FTUB has sent appeals to the International Labor Organization (ILO), the UN Human Rights Council and the UN Special Rapporteur on the human rights situation in Belarus. In addition, an open letter has been sent to the Council of the European Union about the opposition of the workers of Belarus to the introduction of economic sanctions. The open letter was signed by more than 1,130,000 people.

“We collected signatures very quickly. Our labor collectives, the real and budgetary sector, students responded literally within 10 days. We sent those signatures. What is the cynicism of the West's position? In fact, there was no intelligible response to the position of the labor collectives. That is their weakness. We know what we are right about, and we will point it out to our opponents. Then we will charge them for the damage caused,” said Vadim Grachev.

The forum in Minsk brought together respected domestic and foreign specialists, experts in international law, representatives of organizations and UN agencies, judicial bodies, ambassadors, MPs and public figures. They will discuss initiatives to preserve stability in the world and the fundamental rights of people. One of the central issues of the forum is the illegality of economic sanctions.

Plans are in place to work out a resolution, which will be sent to the EU, the ILO and the UN in order to call on international organizations to apply those “protective mechanisms, which currently exist, but are not used in relation to our country at the moment”. “In fact, the countries of the Western world, or, as they say, the collective West has assumed the role of the UN Security Council and unilaterally takes measures of economic impact on our country and individual enterprises without any grounds. In the final document, we will give a point-by-point assessment of the actions of the collective West and point out the UN violations of its Charter and other documents,” said Vadim Grachev.

Written by: belta.by