Sergeyenko: Belarus prioritizes interests of ordinary people


Interests of ordinary people are at the heart of Belarus' social and economic policy, Head of the Belarus President Administration Igor Sergeyenko told reporters at the regional meeting of delegates of the Belarusian People's Congress in Mogilev on 27 January.

“After the Belarusian People's Congress, the life of Belarusians will definitely change. It will get better, because the entire social and economic policy of our country is built on promoting the interests of ordinary people. These are matters related to education, healthcare, intellectual potential and income. The program which main points were presented today, is comprehensive. Today, representatives of the central government told the attendees about the development prospects of Mogilev Oblast and the country as a whole. Mogilev Oblast has much to be proud of, and its successes are encouraging. In recent years, Mogilev Oblast has made great strides in the economy, healthcare, agriculture, and infrastructure. Today we also discussed preservation of universal and historical values, the importance of maintaining unity in the society, and the further development of the social and political system of our country. The speakers were people from all walks of life: from heads of big companies and MPs to ordinary agricultural workers. They put forward proposals that need to be addressed at the level of the central government, however a number of issues can be resolved at the level of the region and the regional executive committee. In general, we have had a meaningful, constructive and patriotic conversation,” Igor Sergeyenko said.

Mogilev Oblast will be represented by 310 delegates at the congress. “Although the final year of the five-year period turned out to be difficult and sometimes unpredictable because of the pandemic, border closures and uncertainty in foreign markets, the main industries of the real economic sector of Mogilev Oblast continued to grow, which made it possible to approach the new five-year period with a stronger economy and a better understanding of our points of growth. In 2020 Mogilev Oblast outperformed other regions of the country. A momentous event in the life of our state will take place literally in a two weeks time. For a long time, we have arranged dialogue platforms to discuss various ideas and proposals covering all spheres of life in our country,” Mogilev Oblast Deputy Governor Ruslan Strakhar said in his speech.

In total, the organizing committee of the dialogue platforms in Mogilev Oblast received 270 proposals. “A number of these proposals have already found their way into the draft program of Belarus' social and economic development for 2021-2025. The draft program is to be discussed by delegates at the Belarusian People's Congress. Our common task is to make sure that all these mechanisms laid down in the program will be implemented,” Ruslan Strakhar said.