Vladimir Pertsov appointed deputy head of Belarus President Administration


Belarusian President Aleksandr Lukashenko has appointed Vladimir Pertsov deputy head of the Belarus President Administration, BelTA has learned.

Before the new appointment, Vladimir Pertsov worked as the information minister.

“Ideological work is coming to the fore today. Hence the decision to transfer you to the Presidential Administration to supervise the mass media sector in the country. When appointing the new deputy head of the Presidential Administration in charge of economic matters (you probably followed it), I told him that we need to build a kind of hierarchy. There are many good specialists in ministries, government agencies, in the government, so the deputy head of the Presidential Administration should act as a point man in economic matters. In the same way, we need to put everything in order in mass media, in ideological work and the whole work should be coordinated by the deputy head of the Presidential Administration. Maybe, there will be some kind of commission under his leadership to provide consultations and to respond in a timely manner,” the head of state said.

Aleksandr Lukashenko noted that Vladimir Pertsov is a very seasoned media executive. He worked as the head of a regional radio and television station and ran the Belarusian office of the Mir company. “It’s a very reputable company and I respect it. I’ve always held it in high esteem. It was during your work there that this company really took off,” the head of state noted.

“I would like to put things to rights in this field. I mean ideological work. You know how to talk to people. This is a rare quality. I keep saying that very few people can do ideological work. Not just to make a token appearance just to check off a box. We used to have political information days on Thursdays. They did not make much sense but people had to attend them,” the president said.

“I think this dramatic decision – to transfer you from the ministerial position to the post where you will be in charge of the country’s mass media and ideological work - is a necessary and useful step,” noted Aleksandr Lukashenko. “There will be a lot of work. You need to be a self-starter. Do not think that someone else - the Administration head or some other officials - will do this work for you. No, this is exclusively your area of responsibility. And the Administration head and other people, including me, will help you. It is necessary to come up with an efficient working model. I hope you will be able to do it.”

Written by belta.by