MART: Belarus covers its domestic needs in meat by 130%


Belarus meets its domestic needs in meat by 130%, Belarusian Deputy Minister of Antimonopoly Regulation and Trade Nina Yemelyanova told the media on the sidelines of the Belarusian Meat international forum, BelTA has learned.

“The meat industry is of great importance in our country. The available raw material base covers the domestic needs in meat by more than 130%. Thus, the national food security doctrine is observed, and there is an opportunity to build up export potential. Meat and meat products play a dominant role among food products consumed by Belarusians: in the commodity structure it accounts for almost 9% of all food products. We consume almost 100kg of meat and meat products per capita a year. We sell almost Br6 billion worth of these products in the domestic market through the retail network. About 50 domestic products (pure meat and semi-finished products), about 250 sausage products, about 150 types of canned goods are available in large retail facilities today,” Nina Yemelyanova said.

According to her, meat products in Belarusian stores are almost 100% domestic. “There is a small percentage of imported products. These are mainly sliced products and some large semi-finished products, for which our production is not yet able to meet the full demand of the population,” the deputy minister said.

“Our producers compete with each other, yet have no problems with sales. Some of the products are made by all meat producers, and there are some goods which produced by individual meat processing plants. For example, last year the production of turkey meat products was launched by just one producer in the country,” Nina Yemelyanova added.

Price control is carried out according to Resolution No.713 of the Council of Ministers. “Prices are regulated starting from producers, wholesalers, and ending with retailers. This is necessary to ensure the availability of meat products for our consumers,” the deputy minister said.

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