Lukashenko presents state awards to 15 women in the run-up to 8 March


In the run-up to 8 March, Belarusian President Aleksandr Lukashenko traditionally presented state awards to 15 women from various regions and agencies of the country, BelTA has learned. 

The awards ceremony took place during the meeting of the head of state with the activists of the Belarusian Women’s Union. As Alexander Lukashenko noted, at all times, a mother's affection and woman's love have protected Belarus, shielded it from troubles, healed wounded hearts, and given meaning to life and strength in the fight for the Fatherland.

"Let me thank you for your contribution to strengthening the family and family values, for your daily and hourly work, grace and kindness. May each of you, both wise by experience or starting your life path, be happy" the president said.

The Orders of Mother were presented to housewife Anna Gorbakova, employee of the Belousha kindergarten in Stolin District Nadezhda Denishchich, musical director of kindergarten No. 337 of the city of Minsk Svetlana Zuyeva, preschool teacher of the Zapesochye basic school in Zhitkovichi District Irina Kurban, nurse of the City Children's Infectious Diseases Clinical Hospital Daria Leonovich, salesperson of the Agrokhlebservice company, Dyatlovo District Marina Titko.

The Medal For Labor Merits was awarded to the head of the Main Statistical Department of Brest Oblast Olga Vilavskaya, Deputy Director for Academic Affairs of Mogilev State Industrial College Natalia Volkova, Professor of the Department of Economic Theory of  Belarusian State Agricultural Academy Larisa Pakush, Deputy Director - Head of the Legal Research Institute at the National Center for Legislation and Legal Research Yelena Semashko, Head of the Clinical and Biochemical Laboratory of Main Military Medical Clinical Center No. 432 of the Armed Forces of the Republic of Belarus Tatiana Chirikova.

The head of state also presented the Francysk Skaryna Medal to Anna Omelyanchuk, Director of Brest Primary School No. 7; Anzhela Andrachik, Chief Ballet Master of the Academic Song and Dance Ensemble of the Armed Forces of the Republic of Belarus; and Svetlana Shmagorevskaya, Director of the Eureka Center for Additional Education for Children and Youth in Minsk.

The honorary title of Honored Teacher was awarded to Inna Vinnik, a teacher of Russian language and literature at the Snov secondary school.

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