Three little Belarusians born in first minutes of 2024 received the first gifts from President


Another good tradition is to congratulate moms who gave birth to babies in the first hours of the New Year. Today, three little Belarusians, who were born in the first minutes of this year, received the first gifts from the President in their lives. The Filistovich family was congratulated by Minister of Health Dmitry Pinevich on behalf of the head of state at the Minsk Regional Clinical Maternity Hospital. This is the tenth child in the family of farmers from Vileyka District. The boy was named Alexander. In total, three residents of the region received the most precious gift of fate in this maternity hospital on January 1.

Olesya Filistovich, multi-child mother:

Motherhood for me is life. I live with it, when I find out that I am pregnant, I rejoice at every birth as if it were the first. Our first four were girls, then all the boys came. Dad told the children - he promised that mom will give birth to two more girls a little later, when she has a rest.

Dmitry Pinevich, Minister of Health of Belarus:

This is really one of the most pleasant traditions that Alexander Lukashenko introduced - congratulating the first-born on New Year's Eve, and we give gifts to those very moms, those newborns who were born the very first days of the year. The first from the First. The benefits that relate to the birth of a child in general have not gone away: we have one of the longest sick leave for childbirth, maternity leave is one of the longest, maternity capital, benefits for getting a child.

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