New Year address of President of Belarus gets in YouTube trends


Belarusians celebrated the New Year on a large scale. The weekend is coming to an end, and the country is returning to everyday life. However, the New Year's vibe still does not let go. YouTube-trends do not let us forget about the celebration of 2024.

The New Year address of President Alexander Lukashenko to the Belarusian people is at the top of the popular video hosting. The wise and sincere words of the head of state have touched the souls not only of Belarusians, but also of many foreign viewers. Among them, of course, are representatives of our brotherly nations, as well as citizens of the countries, whose authorities are trying their best to create an enemy image of peaceful Belarus. But no matter how hard the Western propagandists try, friendship turns out to be stronger. Thousands of grateful and warm comments are left by users from all over the world:

"Ay yes Batska, how heartwarming! Thank you for your congratulations. Greetings from Moscow and Russia, thank you for the quality that is sold in shopping centers. We buy, appreciate and love. Thank you for the support of Russia. Happy New Year, Belarus!"

"We are from Kiev. We have been watching Alexander Grigorievich's congratulations for more than 10 years. My wife cried again. Why? Because no one covers such simple and such intimate values as the President of Belarus. And he proves by deeds what law, order and strictness are. Take care of your leader, dear fellow Belarusians. He is a diamond. Only a few people in this world can govern as your President does."

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