Lukashenko receives presidential administration chief


Belarusian President Aleksandr Lukashenko has received Head of the Belarus President Administration Igor Sergeyenko, BelTA reports.

At the beginning of the meeting, Aleksandr Lukashenko outlined a set of talking points.

Having previously discussed security issues with the military, the president noted that the meeting with Igor Sergeyenko will focus on organizational matters.

This includes the presidential schedule (mandatory events); preparations for the upcoming elections of deputies, as well as election of delegates to the Belarusian People's Congress; preparations for the New Year and Christmas holidays.

“I have briefed the head of state on the work of the Belarus President Administration to organize a number of events. This primarily concerned the events that are due to take place this year, as well as socio-political issues and personnel matters. Plans for 2024 were also discussed, including the president's schedule and key events for next year,” Igor Sergeyenko told reporters after the meeting.

According to him, personnel selection and training were also discussed. First of all, this pertains to the work with high-potential officials included in the talent pool of the head of state. The youth policy and the work to identify best-fit candidates to work at the government and state-run organizations were also on the agenda.

Igor Sergeyenko noted that the head of state's schedule is quite busy.

The year 2024 will also be quite tense, the head of the Belarus President Administration remarked. He recalled that the day before Aleksandr Lukashenko signed decrees to call parliamentary elections. Thus, the Central Election Commission will start preparing for the electoral campaign on the ground. It is noteworthy that next year delegates to the Belarusian People's Congress will be selected in line with a new procedure to ensure that people's interests are duly represented. The Belarusian People's Congress will feature people from all walks of life, including parliamentarians and representatives of civil society.

“The range of tasks is quite big. One of them is taking stock of economic performance in the current year. This will also be the subject of discussion with the president. Several large-scale meetings, which the president mentioned earlier, are to be held to review specific areas of social and economic policy. Therefore, everyone will have to work hard,” Igor Sergeyenko added.

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